Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Muh Birthday

YEAHHHH! It's muh birthday. It's been such an incredible birthday so far. I am beyond blessed to have the friends that I do. Having people wish you a happy birthday on Facebook (and in person) never gets old. Every person that has wished me one today made me smile. And I love you all. So thank you. 

I can't decide if being 17 is weird or normal. Two or three years ago, I would've said, "Being 17 might not ever happen. I just can't see myself being 17." But now, most of my friends are 17 and it's not as strange. But still, I'm driving, I can see an R rated movie (oooohh, ahhhhh), and I basically only have one more year of school until I graduate. Craziness. It's scary. Reallllllllly scary. Most people are completely excited about college but I'm not one of those people. I've always been scared of the future. What my life will look like. I don't like change. I still don't know what classes I want to take and even where I want to attend college. I have a lot to think about. And thankfully, I'm not 18, yet. That, my friend, I cannot see happening.

But anyway, I'm so lucky to have a family that cares and takes me out to dinner, friends that wish me a happy birthday ten times in one day and continuously ask me how my day has been, and ones that send me online cards that they made in Computer Applications. Hahahaha. I'm so, so lucky. Thank you guys for making not only today special, but everyday. <3333.
Now you have to go check out my cake. Yummmmmmmies. I'm such a bad girl. I snagged the cake, hiding in a bag, and took a picture of it outside before it got dark. Hahahahahahaha. My blog means so much to me. As you can see, my family goes all out and buys the coolest cake. Buys it from a store. Forget making a cake when you can have one already made with clouds on it. And giant globs of icing.

I'm sure if I had waited until later, the cake would have had my name on it with beautifully lit candles, but I have no time to waste. Soooo, cheers to the most legit cake you'll ever see.

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  1. You need to change your About Me!! Happy Birthday, by the way...again. :)