Monday, March 21, 2011


As I sit here and type in between obnoxious sneezes from spring allergies, I thank the Lord for this beautiful day. I thank him for giving me legs to run, giving me a love for music, blessing me with amazing friends, and filling me with joy when I take pictures and capture different things he designed and created. In Campaigners last night, we talked about everyone having different gifts that they praise the Lord through. Some people praise God on the soccer field, some people praise him through music, some praise him through photography. I fall into the latter. 

Today is heavenly. I got out early from school today and almost started crying when I walked outside. HAHA. Our school is about 65 degrees and I shiver in class ALL day long. Walking outside was pure happiness. I came home and sat on the sidewalk while I helped mom figure out where to put some bushes. I admired the incredibly gorgeous cherry tree that never fails to make me smile. It blooms around this time every year and draws the attention of all our neighbors. People walk by and tell my mom how awesome it is. Every year for the past four years, I've taken a picture of the whole tree in bloom. Since last spring when I really got into photography, I have worked on my creativity and seeing things differently. This year, instead of taking a picture of the whole tree, I immediately wanted to get out my macro lens and capture the individual blooms. So that's what I did. Not that that's too creative, but it's something other than just a picture of a tree. 

I took pictures of the blooms and various other things around the yard. It was just what I needed. Laying on the cold grass, staining my white sweater, confusing the neighbors, and getting sweet pictures.

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