Friday, February 11, 2011

Sketchbook: Looking Up + Theme Song

I've been a failure of a blogger lately. I will admit it's because of two things. First, I just haven't been taking pictures. I don't know why. I think it's because it's winter, school is in, and I just don't have anyone or anything to take pictures of. It's terrible. But also, I've been trying to study more for school. Hahaha! Trying. My classes really aren't that hard. I didn't take any challenging courses this year but even academic U.S. History is still hard. At least it is for me. I struggle a lot with History but I've been studying for all my tests and doing all my homework as of late in that class. Hehehe. So that's my other excuse. 

I did want to share some of my Sketchbook pages, though. I have been working really hard on these, too and I'm definitely enjoying this semester-long project so much. I love art and I love forcing myself to be creative. It keeps me sane. =D. Check out some of my favorite pages.

I was so mad the clef note from the next page bled onto this one. =(. Should have thought that one through.....

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