Wednesday, February 2, 2011


You wanna know what I'm excited about?! Redoing my room. That's what I'm excited about. Dad's been putting hardwood floors in the three bedrooms upstairs in our house that never got hardwood when the rest of our house did. It's pretty awesome. It's taking forever, but it's still awesome. That's not all of the reason I'm excited, though. The most exciting part is that I finally get to redo my room! After about ten years of it being a purple almost so light it looks white, I'm tired of my juvenile room. I'm tired of the annoying patchwork bedspreads that I always seem to have and the annoying purple clocks and the annoying mismatching furniture, etc. I finally convinced mom to go look for a bedspread with me and then pick out a pretty color for my walls. After some searching, we found a PERFECT bedspread at Bed Bath & Beyond with all my favorite colors in it and then carefully picked a wall color!! AND GUESS WHAT?! It's my favorite color. Forreal, it is the greatest color ever. My room isn't done yet so I'm not gonna show you everything, but I'll show you the gorgeous paint color that is currently so bright it lights up the whole hallway reflecting off my walls. Hahahaha! It's possibly a little too bright but I still love it!!!! I can't wait to finish my room and I will absolutely do a final post with some before and after pictures. =D. But for now, check out this color!

P.S. Thanks to Burks Paint & Wallcovering for the paint. =D. Just a little shoutout to them since they usually supply the paint for our house.

Now I'm going to get motivated and run before Club tonight. MORE EXCITEMENT. :) Get pumped if you're coming. I can't wait to see all your beautiful faces!

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  1. You sound soooo excited for your new room!! LOOOOVE that colour! It matches your blog :) My bed sheets are PINK and I'm getting sooo tired of them. You've inspired me that it may just be time for a change. I'm thinking dark red on one wall and everything else white :).. When we moved I did buy new furniture, so it all matches, but my big pretty white frames are still photoless :( It makes me sad. Thanks for reminding me to fill my frames, paint my room, and change my bed sheets. :)