Saturday, February 5, 2011


I went to the Districts Swimming and Diving meet today, which was incredible. I've been gone with Jessie all day long and we had so much fun! Everyone did an insanely amazing job and I'm so, so glad I was there! Congratulations to all the swimmers and divers. I love you guysies. 

But anyway, as Jessie and I were driving home from the meet, we got to see something quite magical. Or at least I think so. The clouds started to roll in and the sunset started to set. The music was going, Jessie was driving, and there I was, getting out my iPhone to take a picture of the gorgeous landscape I see in front of me. I honestly love moments like this. I feel like there's nothing I can do to capture the moment God so creatively crafted to happen but I try anyway. My iPhone did it NO justice. That's when Jessie says, "Hey Mere, why don't you get out your camera?" I'm like, "GOOD IDEA, JESS!! I doubt the picture will be any good, but I'll try."

I got out my camera, quickly put on a lens, adjusted my settings to where I thought they'd need to be, and took the picture. I looked at the display screen and was so thrilled. I have tried numerous times to capture a sunset with my camera and have never done so successfully. That was possibly because every time I had gone out to take a sunset picture, there were no clouds, but there were clouds tonight, and it was beyond gorgeous. I'm so glad Jessie encouraged me to take out my camera. That sounds so dumb but sometimes I get frustrated and give up on trying to take pictures I don't think will turn out well. That's what friends are for, though. Especially friends that love photography. So thank you Jessie, for that little encouragement you didn't even realize you were giving. I love you.

Take time to appreciate the little time you have on this earth and enjoy life to the fullest.

P.S. Please click on this picture. I realize it's quite small on the blog and even though it's really grainy, clicking on it might make you smile. You'll be able to see the moon in the top right corner. :D.


  1. What an awesome picture! It is just beautiful and I love that you can see the moon. You have agreat blog!

  2. Wow! This blog post is beautiful, I love how you had your camera at the right place at the right time, and I LOVE that when you click on the photo to see it enlarged it's just so beautiful - the first thing that caught my eye was the moon! Love it!