Monday, February 28, 2011

I Heart Faces: Anything But a Face

Okay, so I just wrote a whole blog post thinking the I Heart Faces theme this week meant to include a picture without any sort of person in it at all. Then I went to check the directions to make sure I was right and I was wrong. Haha. Good thing I checked. I had picked a picture of a snowflake but the theme of Anything But a Face actually meant to have a part of the body besides a face in your picture. Ooooops. So, now I'm redoing this post and doing it correctly. 

I couldn't think of many great pictures I had of a hand or shoes or anything, but then I remembered all the TOMS pictures I had of me wearing them! WINNER. So I picked one of those! I loooove these pictures! Especially with the light reflecting off the glitter.