Friday, February 4, 2011


I've done something like this in the past and it might've be a little cheesy but I love posting random facts about myself. It's way too fun. Not that my life is that exciting but I enjoy doing this and I hope you enjoy it, too. =D. And I know I've done a Twenty Things post before so forgive me if some of these facts are the same or similar. I'm sure they will be.

1. I have OCD. We all probably know this.
2. One of my eyes is nearsighted and one is farsighted. It's very slight, but very true. 
3. I was in a restaurant this summer and witnessed an armed robbery. Scary stuff. Forreal.
5. I have about 20 GB of music. That's really not that much compared to some people but it's craziness for me.
6. I recently discovered I have an obsession with scarves. 
7. I really love David Archuleta. I will marry him.
8. I've never ridden a roller coaster.
9. I rarely ever give away or throw out things that have been given to me as gifts, even if it's something insignificant.
10. I take two showers a day at least three times a week.
11. I want a 5D Mark II more than anything else in the world. Someone go win me one.
12. I honestly have NO IDEA where I want to go to college. If someone asks me, my response is usually along the lines of, "Ummm, I really don't think about it or worry about it." And that's true. I actually hate thinking about it. Makes me sick.
13. I ordered fake Uggs this winter. By accident. Is that something to be proud of? Uhhh, NO. I'm just dumb.
14. I love the Avett Brothers. Their music cheers me up and for some reason brings back memories of when I first started listening to them. Love itttt.
15. I love to sing. As annoying as it sometimes is, I really struggle not singing along to a song I know.
16. I think the Office is absolutely hilarious. 
17. I don't usually cry during movies. If I cry during a movie, it's a good one. I'll tell you a bawled during Fireproof. Oh, Lord. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.
18. I love, love, love to pick out my outfits. I usually do it the night before because I love it so much.
19. I'm a pretty negative person. I try hard not to be, but I usually fail. 
20. My family always drinks sweet tea with everything and I've never figured out why. We're weird.
21. I want to go on a mission's trip so badly. 
22. I am the world's worst test-taker. Honestly, I am.
23. I am really intuitive. Not boasting, but I am a pretty intuitive person.
24. I am almost always wearing a necklace or a ring. Or both. 
25. I use a thesaurus often and sadly, my vocabulary gains nothing from this. I try, though.
26. I adore reading but I used to hate it so much my mom had to pay me to read.
27. I don't really like sports. Never have been a sports person. 
28. I journal so much it's kind of sickening. 
29. I am one of the most trustworthy people you'll ever meet but I don't usually trust other people. I almost never ever do. 
30. I absolutely despised driving when I first got my Learner's. I refused to drive until my dad shoved me in the car, but now I love it.
31. I have saved every single note either of my grandparents have ever written me, which is probably over a hundred. I love them. 
32. I really enjoy looking through magazines and old, well known photographs to get inspiration for different things.
33. I hate dances. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.  

Okay, that's a ton of random facts. If you got to the bottom of this post, you earn points in my book. Sorry if that was boring. I just love doing this! :D.

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