Friday, February 18, 2011

Downtown Charlottesville

When I get to go somewhere new and exciting to take pictures, my life lights up. Especially when I haven't gotten to take pictures in so long. 

My aunt is visiting so today, my aunt, my mom, and I went to the downtown Charlottesville mall and just walked around for five hours. Mom and I helped my aunt pick out some gorgeous outfits while I was green with envy because I couldn't buy anything. BUHHH. I need money. I legitimately want some Frye boots. FORREAL. Hampton, if you see this, you have inspired me. Everywhere I go now, I see freaking beautiful Frye boots. I want some, I want some, I want some. Hahaha!! 

But while I was in Charlottesville with my camera of course, I realized how excited I get about photography. And how happy it makes me. That's so completely lame but today on the way there, we were riding around Charlottesville, and I'd get this annoying urge to roll down my window going 45 MPH and take a picture of something I thought was cool. That's when you know you have problems........ Haha. I told myself that was weird and held back.

But pahlease, my strange urge to take pictures of everything did not get in my way while we walked around the mall. Seriously, I'm pretty sure people were worried about me. I took pictures in stores...... Of clothes...... And vases...... And plates...... And light fixtures...... And shoes....... Haha! I am trying to get over that fear I have of being awkward and being scared that people will yell at me for taking pictures. It has happened before. =(. And even though these aren't really opportunities for great pictures, I was just practicing. No one yelled. =D. And I had so much fun! Take a look at all these random photos. And feel free to laugh with me. Orrrrr at me.

I cannot even express how badly I wanted and still want these shoes. They're only $213....
Not sure what this place is. Actually, I think it was out of business but I loved the sign. :).
Yep, this was the cutest puppy I have EVER seen. I took about twelve pictures of her.
Points for anyone who knows what this means. No translators.
This restaurant is amazing. Go there. Right now.

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