Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Delia's and Alloy

Someone tell me why I haven't had a human face on my blog in what feels like a month or two. This is sad. I can't handle it. I just keep blogging about food, art, and music. Hahahaa. Yes, those are some of my very favorite things, but I miss having beautiful faces on my blog. Hopefully that will change soon, but for now, I want to recommend some awesome magazines/stores. This is for the girls that love cute clothes. Alloy and Delia's have the greatest selection of everything clothes-wise! 

There's something exciting about looking through a magazine, rather than a site on the internet, so when I get a magazine in the mail from either of these places, I immediately flip through it. And of course yearn for all their clothes. Too bad I don't have ANY money. Forreal, it's bad. But anywho, check out these awesome stores if you haven't already. =D.

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