Saturday, January 22, 2011


About a month ago, I got to see my best friend Hampton for the first time since the summer. Crazy stuff. She lives in Crozet and sadly, we're always pretty busy and don't get to visit each other often. But I had her over for the night and as we got bored and were thinking of things to do, mom mentioned going up to Swannanoa. Genius! Hampton had never seen Swannanoa, which is a pretty well known mansion in Afton if you don't know, so we went up there in the freaking freezing 20 degree weather and showed her around. We took lots of fun pictures and had a great time. Our fingers were numb and the blowing heat of the car called our names after about thirty minutes, but we still enjoyed it! Hampton, I'm so glad we finally got together and got to go to Swannanoa. Hope you had fun!! Enjoy the pictures!

 It was really, really, really sunny. Hence, the giant rainbow sun flare.

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