Monday, January 10, 2011

I Heart Faces: Smile

I completely forgot about the I Heart Faces contest until just now!! You can only enter on Mondays and Tuesdays so I figured I'd go ahead and enter before I get too busy. This week's theme is Smile, so as it probably sounds, you have to have a picture with someone smiling in it. How hard is that? Haha. Actually, it's really hard, since I have SO many pictures with gorgeous people smiling their gorgeous smiles. Choosing was tricky as always but I narrowed it down and picked this one of Nicole. I didn't even realize I had this photo until I was looking and I just LOVE it. I think laughter and smiling is so contagious. I know if I see someone smile or hear someone laugh, I usually smile or laugh. I looked at this picture and smiled. Nicole is so naturally gorgeous and I love her. I think she deserves to be entered in this contest. =D. 


  1. beautiful...authentic smile...just beautiful.

  2. Very beautiful! I love the more natural fun smiles too!

  3. great job! totally natural and real smile:) I enjoyed looking at your sunset pictures too... you've got some great work. I also read your blog post from today and really resonate with it- thanks for being honest and real- it is such a ministry to other people! and thanks for commenting on my blog, too. it made my day!