Monday, January 31, 2011

Sketchbook: Cold

I've been sitting at my desk -- which consists of my Mac, my fabulous giant Samsung monitor, my external hard drives, some DVDs, a dictionary, a keyboard, a computer mouse, and some headphones -- since I got home from school at 3:40 today. Let's face the fact that I'm a little lazy. I turned on Taylor Swift, of whom I'm trying to grow to like. It's not happening quite yet but I'm working on it. Haha. I guess I can admit my favorite song is "Haunted," though. There, I said it.

I don't remember if I mentioned this on the blog yet but in my Photo I class, we have these awesome sketchbooks. I collaged newspaper clippings all over the front and back cardboard covers, made a nametag, and am week by week filling it with fun, creative stuff. Our teacher will give us a theme each week and we have to take a picture that has to do with the theme and fill up two pages of stuff dealing with that theme. It's a lot like the I Heart Faces contests and that's probably why I'm loving it so far. The last time I took any sort of art class was in elementary school. In other words, A LONG TIME AGO. I miss art and getting to be creative in a class at SCHOOL is beyond awesome. The theme for this week's sketchbook page was Cold. I'm so excited about this. I've been diligently working on it for about an hour and I can't even wait to show you guys. =D. YAY. So many capital letters. Okay, okay, check out this cool sketchbook.

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