Thursday, January 13, 2011


New camera toys. Boy, I love them. I have wanted a camera remote for a long time now but I was scared to order one because I didn't know if it would focus for me. I finally just decided to order one and then return it if it didn't focus. I ordered the RC-6 wireless remote and it came yesterday! I opened it at my friend's house because I couldn't wait any longer. Haha. I figured out how to work it and it does focus when I press the shutter, so I'm a happy girl! I was so excited. I played with it last night and today so I posted some of those pictures below. =D.

I feel like it's kind of weird when people take pictures of themselves all the time, but I'll admit I like to take pictures of myself. It keeps me entertained and helps me to be creative. I think of poses and just different creative things to do while I take the pictures and it helps later when I go to take pictures of people. Whatever works, right? So I have been having fun all day with this remote and I'm about to go get a tripod because ours broke. Yayy. :D.

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