Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I think a lot about the future. About life. About what I should do with my life. I really do want to be a wedding photographer but I don't know if that's what God has planned for me. Photography brings me a ton of joy and I love it more than anything else, so I figure I'll follow that path for now, but I'm open for change. Not that I want to do anything else as of now, but I trust the Lord. He knows what's best. 

The thing is, I honestly don't know if I'll even like wedding photography. Right now I need to experiment. Lately, I've been longing to second-shoot a wedding. A legit wedding with a legit photographer that knows what they're doing. Or sign up for a bridal shoot. Or just go to a workshop. I want to do SOMETHING. I need to learn. This sounds crazy with me being so young but I stress myself out thinking about how much there is to photograph at a wedding and how much I have to learn. You have to be in so many places and photograph so many things, such as flowers, jewelry, dresses, food, families, the bride and groom, tables, the setting, and so much more. And along with all of that, you have to do it in a fashion that makes the pictures look good. You have to think about lighting and you have to change your camera settings and you have to make sure the bride and groom get everything they need. It's crazy. Can you tell I think about it often? Haha.

Being so interested in photography, I read a ton of blogs. A TON. I know the style of photography I like, the style I don't like, and the style I want my photos to be like. I never settle. If I think my photos are bad, I will try again. I'll get really frustrated, but I'll still try again until I'm happy. I guess that's good, but I do need to learn that my photos can't be like any of the well-known photographers I look up to. I've mentioned that in previous blogs but I clearly have a hard time getting that fact through my head. I guess it's just that if I am a wedding photographer, I want to be good at it. I also want to do it full-time. And all of this probably sounds completely ridiculous to you, but I had to write it out. I just pray God will lead me in the right direction and keep me humble while I grow and venture out into the world that offers oh so many directions.


  1. Meredith!! We totally think alike! I totally feel the same way about wedding photography--and reading a ton of blogs :) And eventhough I have gotten a chance to second shoot a wedding, it was small and and I have alot to work on and I still wonder what it would be like to shoot a big wedding/one by my self...I really hope you get a chance to shoot one soon though!!..I am really trying to work on being pacient until God shows me another chance to shoot a wedding.. :) gosh, yes sooo many directions, I am so glad God is in control of everything!

  2. Meredith, it's good to have these thoughts, it shows that you are thinking about what it is that you want, and once you recognise what you want and put your all into making that happen, you are on your way to success. Just trust that things will come together, that you will make the right decisions, whichever those may be, and explore all options. As you said, you're young, you have time! So don't stress :).