Sunday, January 2, 2011


BlogStomp is definitely my new best friend. I bought this about six months ago and then realized that it didn't work without Photoshop. Genius. Hahaha. I'm slowly learning new things. But I kept it and since I just got Photoshop, I learned how to use it yesterday. AND IT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER. Back six months ago, I was paranoid about people stealing my photos. I honestly don't know why. I guess it was because every photographer I loved had a logo on their photos. It looked nice, people couldn't steal your photos, and it was more professional. So I got BlogStomp, hoping to be more awesome. I thought it would be a great idea but my plan was sort of ruined. On the bright side, I learned not to be so paranoid and to work on my photography, rather than putting a logo on my photos. I would appreciate it if people would credit me when they use my photos, but it's not the end of the world if you don't actually own a business and aren't making money. But since I have BlogStomp, why not use it, at least for a while? I don't know how long it will last, since I haven't learned how to do it really fast, but we'll see.

I created my logo on Photoshop. It's very simple because I don't know how to do much, but I'm sure it will change as I learn more. Also, the border is new. I purchased the white border when I got Blog Stomp. There are a few different options, as well as that one. But anyway, here are a few photos I took up at Blue Ridge Farm the other day, with my new logo and border. One of these photos is most likely going to be used for something kind of exciting, but I'm not telling you what that is yet. You'll have to wait and I'll tell you in June if I don't forget. :D. YAY! Okay, I'll stop rambling. Go look at the pictures.

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  1. The first one is my favorite. Beautiful, Meredith!! (Also- if you ever reply back on here I never see the comment, so if you want to, just reply on FB!)