Sunday, December 26, 2010


I really wanted to do something special for mom and dad for Christmas since we usually don't do much. Blaine came up with this genius idea that of course I loved, since it involved a camera. We haven't had a portrait done of Webb, Blaine, and I since about eight years ago. SOOOO.... we thought we would go out and take a pretty picture and put it on a canvas for them! We just did the picture a few days ago so the canvas wasn't in for Christmas Day, but we printed off a 5 X 7 for them to see. Dad cried and mom was just incredibly excited. I think we succeeded. 

We went to the park early this week, searched for good light and a good location, and got Becca to take the pictures. THANK YOU BECCA. We love the pictures and YOU. But anyway, I wanted to post some of the ones she took and the one we picked (which is the first one) because I love them so much!!!! AHHH. I love gift-giving.


  1. Aww, Meredith! This is such a great idea!! I love it :) Plus you are all gorgeous!! What a pretty family! I can imagine your parents were so happy to see the photos:). I dragged my family out in the snow this Christmas, I have to blog about it soon because we really did get some fab photos. I love family christmas photos :)
    PS My sister always mentions photoshopping weird things into the background. Last time she made me photoshop Big Bird into the background haha.

  2. I love everything about this. I am a bit confused though as to why you chose to frame the first one and not the last....