Friday, December 3, 2010

The Nutcracker (Part I)

I got the privilege of taking Old Dominion's Nutcracker poster shots about a month ago and Dulcey asked me if I would also be interested in taking some shots at their performance. As I've said before, dance is one of those things I really enjoy watching. It blows my mind. So of course I wanted to take some!!! 

I wanted to make sure I could get enough backstage and performance shots, so I went Wednesday to one of their rehearsals to take pictures. I ended up getting more pictures than I expected but since I couldn't stay for the whole rehearsal, I'm also going to their actual performance tomorrow to take some more. So look for Part II. WOOO!

These girls work their butts off for months to get ready for this show and also stay up incredibly late the week before the show to get ready. And I know they're ready. They all looked great Wednesday and I am so honored to be able to capture their moments on stage. Enjoy my favorite pictures and good luck tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday, you beautiful dancers!!! 

Also, for all of you reading this blog, if you're around this weekend, go to the show!!! The poster below will have the details!! =).

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