Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Cards

This morning, I had a text from Sarah asking if I would be able to take some pictures of Sarah for their family's Christmas cards. And some of Chloe too, who is one of the Gottschalk's great family friends who's visiting! She's precious. I love her so much.

It all worked out perfectly because I have been busy basically all day except for the time she wanted to do it! YESSSS. So we went over to the park to take some and finished just as it started SNOWING!! And it's still SNOWING!!! I'm so excited! AHHHHHH. But anyways, Sarah is just so beautiful and like always, I'm excited to share these pictures!! Sarah, I hope your family can use one. Haha. We got plenty. Thanks for letting me do this! I can't wait to see one on a card!!!

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