Thursday, December 16, 2010


Okay, I've been waiting for snow since November 1. Last winter, we had multiple blizzards. Yes, multiple. And that definitely does not happen often in Virginia. I was thrilled. I LOVE snow. The more snow, the better. Everyone else got tired of it after the first foot, but not I. Snow is my favorite. =D. 

We finally got snow today. We have about three inches now. It started around 7:00 a.m. and is actually still coming down. I think it's turned to ice, but that's okay with me. As long as everyone stays in their houses. Can you tell I don't want to have school tomorrow? I definitely don't think we will because the main roads are still white. Or black, now. But seriously, two extra days of Christmas break sounds fantastic. =). But anyway, I went out in the snow for the first time about two hours ago and took some pictures. I love snow pictures. These are my favorites.


  1. You have a good eye for detail! i especially like the bulb with ice dripping down. the pics of the lantern are pretty-christmas card pretty. please keep posting-i enjoy looking at your latest *discoveries* betty jo sledge

  2. Mere!! These are crazy! you can actually SEE the individual snowflakes... incredible!!