Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blue Ridge Parkway

I love beautiful landscapes. Really, I do. I wouldn't mind traveling the world with my camera in hand for the rest of my life enjoying the landscapes. But who would mind that?

I just LOVE taking in the beauty of the world. We live in such a gorgeous area and since I don't really go up on the mountain that much, I don't get to appreciate God's creation and the world we live in. I've been wanting to go up to the parkway/one of the lookouts for a while now and I decided I'd go up today for half an hour or so and take some pictures of the sunset. Mom and I didn't know if the pictures would be that exciting since there weren't any clouds in the sky but they turned out just fine. =D. Here are some of my favorites!

1 comment:

  1. Love them all!...I can't decide which ones my fav--its between the 1st and 2nd one :) :)