Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Adventure With Becca

I seriously am running out of creativity. Haha. Just take a gander at that title. Wow. I need sleep. 

ANYWAYS, as most of you probably know that read my blog, I went out on a picture-taking adventure with one of my best friends on Monday. I wanted to enter a contest for I Heart Faces, but I needed a picture that included the color orange. Sooooo, we set off looking for a magical forest, wearing some orange. =D. I honestly don't know what city we ended up in. We drove for a while..... and then parked in sketchy driveways where guys stopped to ask us if we were okay...... But that doesn't really matter because we had a ton of fun, the lighting was perfect, and Becca was a beautiful model. AND we lived to tell the story.

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