Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preparing for the Virginia Tech Game

This is Part II to Christyn's session with her puppy, but it's a little different. If you saw the post from Saturday, you would know that Christyn and her dog had matching vests and I got to capture such a worthy moment in life. It was beyond fun. But unfortunately, our hour got cut short because it got dark! And my camera doesn't do well in the dark since I shoot without a flash. Soooo, I told her we'd finish up another day. And today was that day. =). But today, they had different outfits, ones that support their favorite team. And her sister joined us!! With her dog. =D. So many fuzzy animals. Hehe. I took some of them with their dogs, but I also got to take some of just Christyn and Kayla, who are both incredibly gorgeous. Wow. I love you guys and today was a prefect start to my break. So thank you!! Enjoy some of my favorites!!! I had the hardest time choosing. Ever.

The cat eats the dog food...... Makes me laugh. I love Mr. Dingles.

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