Monday, November 8, 2010

I Heart Faces: Orange

I haven't entered the I Heart Faces contest since the summer, but I'm entering today!! And I'm so excited. If you're new to my blog, this is a contest for any and all photographers. They have themes each week and you enter a picture of your own that relates to the theme. The theme this week is Orange. They want you to have the color orange in your picture somewhere, as well as a human face. I searched through my recent pictures to find one and I couldn't. I couldn't find a picture with enough orange that I felt would suffice. SO... I went out with Becca today and we incorporated the theme. =D.

P.S. Becca, you are gorgeous.


  1. Becca is gorgeous! It's so neat that you have a buddy willing to pose for you. BTW, if you love photography, I would love to have you participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Details are on my blog. Have a great night!