Saturday, November 20, 2010

Matching Vests

They had matching vests. Christyn, one of my really special, hilarious, and all around awesome friends decided it would be cool to buy her and her dog matching vests. I mean come onnnnn, how cute can life get? Pretty much as cute as these pictures you're about to see. Christyn just randomly texted me today and asked if she could have a photoshoot with her and her precious teddy bear of a dog named Max. I couldn't resist this request. So it happened... thirty minutes later. And let me tell you, running all around the neighborhood chasing this cute little fluffball was tiring, but way worth it. I love this dog. I love Christyn. I love matching vest photoshoots.


  1. ALL THESE PICTURES ARE AMAZINGLY CUTE! meredith, you're awesome. and christyn, oh christyn..ur just so beautiful, and so is your dog :)


  2. Meredith! you are AMAZING.I am so thankful!