Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Photoshoot At the Park

Yesterday was just too much fun. I got to have a photoshoot with some really amazing girls. Madelin, an incredibly sweet and beautiful girl that I know from school thought it would be cool if me and her had a photoshoot. She loves photography like I do and came up with this brilliant idea to invite some girls that we could photograph. We invited Katherine, Becca, Julia, and Kyra (Kyra's our beautiful foreign exchange student from Germany!) to come be little models for us. =D. It was seriously so awesome. We went to the park for an hour or so and had way too much fun posing them and capturing their outer and inner beauty. =). Madelin, I'm so glad we did this. We will definitely do it again. You are fabulous. And to the other girls, I love you ALL. You are all GORGEOUS. Thanks for coming. :D.

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