Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bonjour, Je Suis Retourné

It took me three days to figure out how I could get my blog back. Or I guess I should say, how I could pay for more space. Well, I succeeded. Round of applause? I think so. =). I thought it would have taken me months. But I'm the best, so I now have plenty of space to blog whatever I want, whenever I want. Yay.

But anyways, while I'm blogging, I think I'll share about my awesome day on Sunday. This past Sunday, one of my amazing friends named Melo took me and my other friend Becca out to her farm. I've wanted to go out there for a while now but it never worked out until this past Sunday!!! We drove over to Fishersville where she has nine horses, a bunch of chickens, and probably about five cats. It is beyond beautiful out there. I didn't want to leave. Seriously, if I could live anywhere, I'd pick to live on a farm with horses. I don't ride but I want to learn because that's what I'd do everyday. It looks like so much fun. Ahhh. I love horses. They're precious. I mean, just look at these pictures. =D.

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  1. These are totally beautiful, Meredith! I especially love numbers 1,2,7,8,10,13,17, and 18. Great feel to them :)