Friday, September 3, 2010


TOMS are probably my favorite type of shoe ever. I love them not only because of the style, but because the organization gives a pair of shoes to a kid in need every time you buy a pair. I've talked about this before in another blog post but I just thought I'd reiterate the fact that I love TOMS. And it brings me joy to know that I possibly brightened someone's day that didn't have shoes and now does. Wouldn't that make you happy? I think it would. So you should go buy a pair, at this website. =).

I ordered some TOMS a week or so ago and they finally came in today! I totally wasn't expecting them to come today but they did. =D. YAY!! Check them out. They're pretty crazyyyy. And I definitely feel like a princess with them on. Hehe. =). 


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