Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Does this make my third post about fall? Yeppppp. =D. Forgive me. I love this time of year.

On Sunday, as I was waiting for Kylie to pick me up, I sat on our walkway with my camera. It felt so good outside. It was a little cloudy, the leaves were blowing off the trees, and I had my sweatshirt, jeggings, and TOMS on. That right there is perfection. =D. Haha. I love fall. Reasons why?

1. I already said it. I get to wear a sweatshirt, jeggings, and TOMS all the time. 
2. The pumpkin spice frappuccino is at Starbucks and we all know why that makes me happy.
3. Young Life has just started and that means Small Group, Club, and Rockbridge.
4. Getting to watch t.v. shows on my computer after school.
5. Cooler weather.
6. Finally having time to read on my bed with a warm blanket and most likely Starbucks.
7. Hot tea before bed. =D.
8. Vampire Diaries.
    That's just a few reasons but they're my favorite. =D. And check out these pictures I took while sitting on the ground. =). They make me think of fall.

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