Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scout | Waynesboro, Virginia Portrait Photographer

Yesterday was another gorgeous day and I really wanted to take some pictures. OF A PERSON. I really haven't practiced on people that much with my new lens. And I was dying to have a photoshoot. So you know what I do when I want to take pictures? I call one of my friends and tell them they're going to be a model for me. And then we go somewhere cool. I get to practice and they get pictures. Everyone wins. =). 

Scout was my model yesterday. She was awesome. I am so incredibly excited about these pictures!! I took every picture with my 50mm 1.4 because I really wanted to challenge myself to be creative and use all the light I could to get some good bokeh. We went around 6:30, right before sunset, and everything was perfect. It wasn't too bright and it wasn't too hot. The evening light was amazing.

But anyways, I literally just took about thirty minutes trying to pick which pictures to blog. These are my absolute favorites. There are quite a few but I hope you enjoy them!!! And Scout, I'm so glad this worked out. It was meant to be! =D. So thank you!

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