Monday, August 2, 2010


I couldn't think of a title for this post. Therefore, it is Untitled. =). Just thought I'd let you know.

Anyways, I have some stuff to blog about!

Today I went over to Jessie's to take some pictures and hanggg. I just recently got that Yashica film camera so I brought that over to show her. =). We had fun pretending to know what we were doing with it. And laughing because the pictures we "took" are probably going to be absolute nothingness. But hey, that's the fun of learning. =). And learning along with Jessie is my favorite. 

Also, I was just editing the pictures I took on my digital camera in Lightroom as I always do and I got frustrated. I was frustrated because a lot of the pictures I took weren't good at all. Ha. Okay, I am a little picky when it comes to my pictures, but seriously, I was unhappy with a lot of the ones I took. And I'm just being honest. I don't mean to sound cocky or anything. There were plenty of great ones and the ones Jessie took on my camera were absolutely fabulous. But I was annoyed with the ones I took. A lot of them were underexposed and others just had terrible shadows. I hate shadows when they cover up a face. Photography is harder than you think. But I'm not mad because this is the greatest learning experience ever. If I was always completely satisfied with my pictures, I would never push myself to learn. And although all of the pictures weren't bad, I just wanted to be honest and say that I don't always have perfect pictures. Actually, I never do. But I try. And I love it. And that's really all that matters. 

And as I was going through the pictures, I realized that there are so many. So I'm picking the ones that I do like and blogging those. There are more than I thought. Haha. =).


  1. I love love loooovvveeeee these! and you! and your blog! -Jessie

  2. Meredith,

    The photo of you leaning against the gate/fence with the camera hanging on it is...


    At the risk of sounding cheesy, but in trust that you will believe I am telling the truth from my heart and from what I know to be real I will say: You are beautiful, inside and out.

    I love you, Meredith Sledge!!!