Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Is Nearing

OH MY GOSH. It's such a pretty day today!!! I don't think we've had a day like this in weeks! It's perfect. The wind is blowing, there isn't a cloud in sight, and the sky is a bright blue. Ahhh. I love these days. Right now, it feels like fall. YAY! I used to hate fall but now, I think it's one of my favorite seasons. I love the colors fall brings. And I love the weather. 

Today I just wanted to be outside but I wasn't about to just sit on the ground or something, so I brought my camera. =D. I challenged myself to get a good photo when the sun was really harsh. When I was outside, the sun was right above me and it was super bright. Taking pictures, especially of people, in really bright sun, is incredibly hard. And even though I didn't have a person to practice with, I still went out and experimented. So see what you think. =).

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