Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bucket List

Would it be weird if I made a bucket list? No? Okay, good. 'Cause that's what I'm gonna do. And these are in no particular order. They are just things that I would love to do or have happen before I die. 

1. Go to New York City.
2. Ride horses to the beach from somewhere fairly far away.
3. Meet someone that looks a ton like me.
4. Have one of my pictures win an award.
5. Ride in a private jet or ride in the cockpit of a plane while someone I know flies it.
6. Own a Porsche. HA.
7. Live in Cayman or Hawaii for a year or more.
8. Own a house with a pool.
9. Be a wedding photographer.
10. Sit first row at an awesome concert.
11. Record a song by myself or with some of my musical friends.
12. Get married.
13. Hike part or all of the Appalachian Trail with someone awesome.
14. Finish the Harry Potter series.
15. Go parasailing and wakeboarding. In the same day? Sure.
16. Adopt a child or be a foster parent for at least a little while. Or both.
17. Be a part of someone accepting Christ.
18. Go diving at the Great Barrier Reef. And not die while doing so.
19. Win something. I don't care what it is. I just want to freakin' win something for the first time ever.
20. Do something crazy. Not really sure what though.
21. Work at some sort of coffee shop.
22. Go on a biking trip up in the mountains with some friends.
23. Go to Hollywood, CA.
24. Be a part of a photography workshop with lots of cool photogs.
24. Teach myself how to play guitar. Or reteach myself. A lot.
25. Stay up for 24 hours with a bunch of people. 
26. Watch all the old Disney movies. Like the Lion King, since I haven't seen it.....
27. Own a 5D Mark II and a 50mm 1.2. 
28. Have a real blog. One that's legit.
29. Travel to every state.
30. Get a bunny. And a Goldendoodle. And a Great Pyrenees. And a kitten. And a chinchilla.
31. Get my braces off....... 
32. Ride a roller coaster.  
33. Second or third shoot a wedding before I'm twenty.
34. Buy gifts for and celebrate Christmas with a family who can't afford it.
35. Audition for a show. 
36. Skydive.
37. Visit Bora Bora.
38. Go up in the Seattle Space Needle.
39. Shoot a destination wedding out of the country before I'm 23. 
40. Meet someone famous.
41. Get featured on Style Me Pretty before I'm 22.
42. Roadtrip the entire PCH.
43. Open a coffeeshop or turn a VW bus into a mobile coffeeshop.
44. Live in California for at least a year.
45. Write an encouraging note to someone anonymously.
46. Leave a gift for someone on their front porch.
47. Photograph an elopement in an incredible location.
48. Go on a mission's trip.
49. Work behind the scenes with a film crew of a popular show.
50. Visit Santorini. 
51. Have one of my photos on the cover of a well known magazine. 
52. Go whale watching.

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  1. The awesome concert will be David!! :) We're gonna do it Mere! I want to hike the App. Trail too and go on a bike trip! I just went mountain biking last weekend and it was the best thing ever :) I loved your list!