Friday, August 13, 2010


Photography is definitely my outlet. Not that I only take pictures when I'm angry or anything because that's absolutely false. But I do love to take pictures and be alone. And enjoy the little things in this world that God so intricately created and designed. 

Macro lenses are so cool because you discover parts of plants and flowers that you didn't know were there. And that's my favorite thing. I love seeing the tiny polkadots on the inside of a flower. Or the spikes on a cactus. Or the faint color of a moth that you wouldn't notice unless you looked really close.

I was bored a few hours ago so I went out with my macro lens again and took some pictures that I'm actually kind of proud of. =). That's probably because I haven't taken legit pictures in way too long. Hehe. But I'm excited to share them. Here they areeeee.

P.S. I strongly urge you to click on the images. It will make them bigger so you can really see. At least click on the first one. =D.

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