Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay, so it's crazy how the summer is almost over. GEEZ. Well, we have another month but once the first bit is over, it goes faster and faster and before we know it, we're in school! Ewww. As much as I despise school, I'm actually looking forward to a few things! It's crazy, I know. And trust me, I won't be enjoying anything after the first week. But I'm going to list a couple things I'm excited about!

1. I am taking Photography next year and although I've heard bad things about it, I'm hoping I'll have a different experience! My brother just told me that I can have my dad's old camera, which is a Yashica TL-Electro. And we have three prime lenses for it! WOO. Can't wait.

2. I'm not taking any AP classes. Hahaaaa. I'm such an under achiever. But I actually really am looking forward to not having loads of homework from those classes so I can do some other things.

3. I'm doing Photojournalism, otherwise known as Yearbook and I can't wait! I think I'm in charge of uploading pictures and doing any necessary editing! I'm not sure if that's official but that's what was written on the sheet! So I hope I'll learn a lot about designing and putting together a yearbook!

4. This will be in the winter, but if it works out and my parents let me, I think I'm going to do diving! That goes on during swim season so I'll just do that instead of swimming. I have always wanted to dive and since I love gymnastics, I'm pretty sure I'll love diving. =). So I really hope that works out!

5. Also, I won't have to babysit my dog and take care of him 24/7. And maybe he won't bark nonstop while he's in his crate like he is now! Haha. I actually just went downstairs and brought him to my room. Soooo, he's laying on my bed. And not barking. He hates to be alone. Haha.

And finally, I took a few pictures today! I'm dedicating this post to my brother's car, Diego. =). Haha! He's a little Mini Cooper and we bonded while Blaine was at camp so I gave him a free photoshoot! The rest are completely random though, like always! WOO! =).

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