Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little Bit of Character

Blaine asked for a pair of TOMS shoes last Christmas. I am actually the one that went online and ordered them but at the time I had no idea why they were special and why he would want any, although I thought they were awesome as soon as I saw all the different ones online. =). 

A little after Christmas, I decided I would get some because I had finally learned the story. For each pair of TOMS shoes that are sold, a child in need without a pair of shoes (or shoes fit to walk in) will be given some. And I just think that's the greatest thing ever. For only about $50, you get a pair of shoes, and so does someone else. Love that. So I ordered mine about five months ago and I love them!! 

But today I walked by my brothers room and saw his laying on the floor. I noticed that they were really worn but they looked so cool! I couldn't resist taking pictures of them and blogging them because you can tell he has gotten great use out of them and will continue to. These shoes have character and I love it.

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