Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Wow. I can't say I've had a week quite like this one before. This will explain my lack of blog posts.

As most of you know, my dog had back surgery at Virginia Tech about a week and a half ago. And everything was going great until about three days ago. He started getting more wobbly on his feet than he had been in the previous days, and he didn't want to get out of his crate. We figured something was wrong so we took him back to Tech. And sure enough, they did another CT scan and the same disk had ruptured again. We were completely in shock and couldn't believe this had happened. And wait. It gets better... Or not. When they called us the next morning, they said his back legs were paralyzed... 

This is pretty personal but I began to question God and why this was happening. You honestly can't imagine how torn up my mom and I were. Tech said they would do surgery again and hope for the best. But everyone began to wonder if that would be the right thing. I'm obviously not the one paying for it, but I wanted it done. I wanted him to get surgery again. So I encouraged it. And eventually mom decided that it probably would be best. 

I'm not gonna lie, I cried and cried and prayed and prayed all night. I know what you're thinking. You probably think I'm a bit crazy and that I shouldn't be this upset about a dog. I understand that, but Bentley is so young to be having so much trouble and I'm totally not ready for him to die.

But back to my story! After many tears and prayers, we got a call this morning that said that Bentley had movement in his back legs again! They said he still wasn't strong and was really suffering from so much surgery, but everyone's hoping he'll be okay. 

I'm cautious about posting this blog and it took me a while to write it because I don't know if any of this will last. I'm thanking God that Bentley has movement in his legs and is alive, but we just don't know if it will happen again. And if it does... Well, that's not something I want to think about. So keep praying! I have faith that God has a plan. Unfortunately, sometimes those plans don't go the way we want. We'll just have to see.

But here are some really old pictures with Bentley in them that I scanned. I love these two pictures so much because they are two of the few pictures we have of Bentley as a puppy. =).

P.S. Please forgive my excessive posts about my dog. And forgive my obsession with wanting him being okay. 

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