Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm so excited about this lens! I am finally figuring it out! And today I realized that it can't really be used as a macro. Well, maybe it can, but I haven't figured that out. That actually made me feel better though because I'm used to being able to zoom and move the camera closer to the subject with my kit lens. And with this one, you can only get but so close. It's definitely going to be best for portraits and landscapes. Gosh, it really is awesome. I can back up, be far away from my subject, and the background is still blurred. WOOO! That's just what I wanted. So I'm totally excited about it and as soon as I came home from work today, we bonded. My lens and I. =). Hehe. Check these pictures out!

P.S. We got word this morning that Bentley is doing excellent! And we get to pick him up tomorrow! Praise Jesus. =D.

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