Thursday, July 1, 2010

Batesville Store

Hi!!! It's been a while. I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. Haha. It's really only been a few days. Buuuttt, I haven't taken any pictures lately, besides the ones I'm about to post. I miss it but I just haven't been anywhere and all the pretty flowers in my yard are gone. Haha. What do I do now??? 

But yesterday was a lot of fun!!! I got to go out to breakfast/lunch at the Batesville Store with my mom and an incredibly wonderful friend, Caitlin. Gosh. I can't express how much Caitlin Binda means to me. She's just such a beautiful person. She has such a strong faith and it overflows! She's wonderful and I love her to death!!! So enjoy these pictures. =).


  1. Meredith....Geez louise. I begin to ask myself, "What did I ever do to deserve getting to be a part of your life and have you as a friend and sister?" and then I remember....nothing. I did absolutely nothing. It's just God doing what He does best: pouring out His love on us UNCONDITIONALLY.

    These photos are great. I am so glad for this morning the three of us had together!!!

    I'm thanking Him for His unbelievable grace and your unbelievable beauty!!!

  2. I love youuuu! :) You're awesome. =D

    And thank you! I'm so glad we got these pictures. I can't wait to see the ones from your camera! :)

  3. These are beautiful images! I am working on a website about Batesville Store and was wondering if I could use your image of the cash register on the site. Of course I would include your photo credit. Please let me know if that would be alright. Thanks!

    1. Feel free!! Thanks for asking first! 😄 I didn't realize the store was still open! Where are you all located??