Monday, July 26, 2010

Best Stuarts Draft Adventure Ever

I think I had more fun today than I've had in a really long time. I have the best friends ever and I haven't seen any of them all summer because work has been taking over my life. But today I got to hang out with the wonderful Ledley, Hannah, and Scout. 

We went to El Puerto, a mexican restaurant in Waynesboro, for dinner. =). Then we went all the way to Stuarts Draft to go to Dairy Queen. And Scout is driving all this time. Keep that in mind. If you know Scout, you know why I'm saying that. HA. We had to tell her to stop a few times but I mean, I'm alive. So all is good. =D. Hahaaa.

After we had Dairy Queen and had thoroughly creeped out a little kid, we decided to take an adventure out to where I work at McKee. It's beautiful out there. There are some gorgeous fields and I've wanted to take pictures out there for a year now! Haha! And finally, unexpectedly, I got to take pictures exactly where I've wanted to all this time. And it was the most perfect time of day. It couldn't have been more perfect. The sun was just going down and the sunset was amazing! So I'm so glad we went and I am beyond excited to blog these pictures! I hope you love them! I totally had the hardest time picking. Gosh. So forgive me for the excessive amount of pictures. =).

Ledley, Hannah, and Scout, I seriously love all of you and I am SO glad I got to hang out with you. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as well! =). Thanks for being so willing to let me take them. =D.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little Bit of Character

Blaine asked for a pair of TOMS shoes last Christmas. I am actually the one that went online and ordered them but at the time I had no idea why they were special and why he would want any, although I thought they were awesome as soon as I saw all the different ones online. =). 

A little after Christmas, I decided I would get some because I had finally learned the story. For each pair of TOMS shoes that are sold, a child in need without a pair of shoes (or shoes fit to walk in) will be given some. And I just think that's the greatest thing ever. For only about $50, you get a pair of shoes, and so does someone else. Love that. So I ordered mine about five months ago and I love them!! 

But today I walked by my brothers room and saw his laying on the floor. I noticed that they were really worn but they looked so cool! I couldn't resist taking pictures of them and blogging them because you can tell he has gotten great use out of them and will continue to. These shoes have character and I love it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Hewitt

Today I got the privilege of going to a great family friend and Young Life leader's wedding. Jamie is married! And it's kind of crazy to think about. But it's so cool! I have been to a wedding or two before this one but none were quite like Jamie and Carolyn's. It was so beautiful! Wow. They memorized the vows and they both said them just so it would mean more. And they wrote a marriage vow together that was in the program and it made me want to cry it was so beautiful. It's really amazing when two people are really truly in love. Especially when that love is centered around Christ. Beautiful. And that's the only word to describe this wedding. I'm so glad I got to go. I definitely would've missed out on something really special if I hadn't. So congratulations Jamie and Carolyn! 

Getting to go to their wedding today sort of helped me to see that getting to photograph weddings and engagements for a living would be the coolest job ever. I was completely jealous of the photographer there and I better get to see those pictures! I'm sure they're fabulous!!!! But it definitely was neat to watch the photographer and I really hope I get to do that someday. =).

But here are a few pictures I took throughout the day. Well, mom took a couple too. =). Some were taken here before the wedding but most were taken there, in Lexington. And I forgot the mention how beautiful the Washington and Lee campus is. And the chapel. Gosh. I want to go there now... But anyway, I didn't take any during the actual ceremony. =(. I didn't want to annoy anyone. Haha. I figured the photographer had that covered anyway. But even though there aren't any ceremony pictures, there are a few others that are good. =).

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ups and Downs

Today has had its ups and downs. 

Positives: Awesome Virginia Tech veterinarians, Bentley coming home again, prayer, friends, patience, new and good music. =).

The vets at Tech are amazing. They've been completely encouraging and so kind. They are just so willing in every way. If you ever need an emergency vet, go there! 

Also, we're really glad Bentley is back at home! We are praying constantly that he'll stay healthy. He's definitely weak and not the happiest dog in the world but we're going to try really hard to do everything we're supposed to and hopefully he'll get better! It's only a 5% chance that he'll herniate again within the next six months. Unfortunately, he already fell into that 5% once. So we really hope we'll get lucky this time. 

Thank goodness for prayer. That is all.

Friends are wonderful. They've been great listeners and comforters through all of this.

Patience. I'm thankful that I've been able to be patient lately. It's hard and draining but it's good.

NEW MUSIC! I got new music. I don't actually know if you would consider it "good," but I'm loving the songs Dynamite by Taio Cruz and Ridin' Solo by Jason DeRulo. Haha. Make fun all you want.

Negatives: Losing hope for Bentley even though he's doing okay for now, camera frustrations, tears. =(.

We are running out of hope for Bentley. It's the hardest thing in the world to have hope that he'll get better when he's had surgery twice in one week.

I still love my new lens but it's taking some getting used to. I have a feeling that it would do a lot better on a nicer camera. That lens is pretty high tech and I think my camera is having trouble with it. But it's just gonna take some getting used to. I'll make it work!

Tears aren't fun. But sometimes crying is healing. That's just the way it is.

Okay, enough of that. You're probably sleeping by now. Seriously, I'm sorry. But I took a lot of pictures today that I want to share!! Some of are Bentley, so you'll have to forgive me for that, but there are others! So I hope you like them. =).