Sunday, June 13, 2010

Visits to North Carolina

I got to take a little vacation this weekend!! It was good to get away. Haha. That may sound terrible but I love to travel, whether it's for a day or week. I just love to go different places. So it was really relaxing and awesome for me.

I was there to visit my grandpa
rents and to attend a family reunion in Raleigh. It was so good to see everyone at the reunion. Every person on my mom's side of the family is so nice. I mean, that's an understatement. They are incredible. And they are all so loving. It's really neat to get people together and spend time with those that you haven't seen in years. And that's what we did. It was a lot of fun!
We stayed two nights at my grandparents' house in Wilson, N.C. and that was really great too. They won't be around too much longer and it's always nice to get to visit them! They're the best. =).

While I was at their house, I took a lot of pictures! A couple are from the reunion and most are just pictures that I took outside or inside of my grandparents' house.

I had a sad experience happen right before I got there though. Unfortunately, my camera just randomly decid
ed to stop auto focusing. It's terrible!! I was sooo upset. I come to North Carolina, a place I never get to visit, and my camera breaks. Super. But luckily, I could still take pictures, I just had to manually focus ALL of them. Ughhhh. It was tough. Haha. But hopefully my little Rebel (he is a rebel... haha) will be fixed in the next week or two. I think we're going to have to send it off to Canon and hopefully it's still under warranty so we can get it fixed without having to pay...

But on the up side, on
e of the coolest things that I got to take pictures of while I was there was birds! My grandma has two bird feeders right outside her sunroom doors because she loves to watch them. I opened up the screen doors and got some really fun pictures of them! It was sooooo awesome! I really hope that you like those because they are definitely my favorites. And I did manually focus all of these. HAHA. So sad. I have no idea how I managed to manually focus moving birds. 

Well, that is all. En
joy the pictures!! And I'll explain a few of them as I go.

This is probably the coolest thing ever. A lady that cleans my grandparents' house made this. I legit looked at it for about five minutes. I'm not kidding. She made it out of an old hymn book!! So creative!!! And to make it even better, she cut out and pasted my grandpa's favorite song on the top.

You wanna play hide and seek? Okay. Let's go.

Precious little dove. Oh, and notice the purple on his side? Haha!

One of my favorites for some odd reason.

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