Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shooting Manually and Fun Parts of Today

I've been so proud of myself these past few days!!!! I have talked about shooting manually once or twice and I've wanted to learn for so long but I just never knew how and if I would ever learn. But, there's good news! I took my camera outside yesterday and just gave it a shot! Oh me and my puns. Haha. =). But anyway, it was so great because I figured out what I needed to do and how everything changed according to how bright it is or how fast you need to shoot. It's so exciting for me! I'm going to try to shoot on manual as much as possible now! The quality of the pictures are better and it's actually a lot more fun! =D.

Another fun part of today was having my camera in Chemistry class. Haha. Sounds a little strange to have a camera at school, right? Yeah, I agree. But this is my last week and I asked the teacher. She didn't care. So I went around the room with my great friend Becca and took pictures of everything, whether it was exciting or not. Haha. So some of the pictures at the bottom are just random shots from class today. =).

Also, probably my favorite part of today was that my oldest brother Webb came home! I had been asking him to bring his cameras (lucky boy has two) and lenses home next time he came and just teach me some new stuff and let me try them out. Well, he did! And it was so much fun! I didn't really play with his cameras that much but I got to put his lenses on my camera. =). Hehe. And he has some pretty awesome lenses. The one I actually took pictures with was a 100mm 2.8 macro. It's a prime lens and I'm now obsessed with it. I'm so sad that he had to take it back. Haha!! The lens is so quiet and is just amazing. I hope I get one someday. =).

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