Saturday, June 19, 2010

Problem Solved

My camera came today!!! I'm so excited!! I didn't expect to get it back today at all. It's Saturday and I had no idea anything was delivered on Saturday. Also, I looked at the online Canon update for my camera and it said it hadn't even shipped yet. I'm okay with all of this though! Haha. The sheet that I got back telling me what was wrong said that there was a piece of grass inside the camera keeping it from auto focusing! Haha!! Craziness.

So, since I got it back, I had to take some flower pictures. I took a few pictures of some hydrangeas (my favorite flower)! I was so thrilled that I got my camera back today, not only because it's my camera of course, but because these flowers were about to die away for the year and it made me sad that I hadn't gotten to take pictures of them. So, luckily, I did today!!

Enjoy these pictures AND this beautiful day!! =D.

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