Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scarves, Paints, and Various Other Things

Ahh!! I'm so excited about this!! So, a week or so ago, I said that I ordered some scarves from the United Kingdom. Hahaha! I didn't think they were going to come in. Yesterday I looked online and they had apparently tried to deliver them but I wasn't home! I got scared that I would never get them because I had NO idea who was delivering them. I emailed the company and they said the United States Postal Service would deliver them. So I figured I should try to go to the post office and see if they were there! And they were. I was relieved. Haha. I opened them when I got home today and they are awesome! I love them! =). I can't wait to wear them. Haha. And don't judge me. I bought like seven. Ahahaa.

Also, last night I was really bored so I decided to paint a journal that I had bought. Well, the journal turned out to be horrendous but I took pictures of the paints and they are pretty! =D.

I hope you like the pictures though! I had fun taking them. =).


  1. the scarves are beautiful! talk to the other girls and see what their thoughts are on a photo shoot with them soon! I'd love it!
    I love you!

  2. Thanks Bethany! I was so excited when they came. I love them. Hehehe. And okay!! Are you thinking like next week or the week after? I don't know how busy everyone is because of SOLs and projects but I know we'll squeeze it in! I'll message everyone on Facebook. =) I love you!