Sunday, May 23, 2010

Roadtrip Adventures

Oh goodness! Today was so much fun!!! I have been wanting to go up in the mountains and take pictures for so long but unfortunately, I don't have my license yet. Although, today I asked mom when I got up if she would drive me around the Lynchburg area to could take pictures. She said yes! And we had a lot of fun! We had some sun for a little bit but then it started to rain. We drove for a while and since the storms were scattered, I got some other chances to get out. I really enjoyed just being able to take pictures of anything and everything! It's tougher than you think to stop wherever you want on the side of the road, but my mom was a good sport. And she did take the ones of me! And did a great job! Yay!! But anyway, I hope you like them. Some of them are really random because I took them in the car when I got bored, but they're still pretty cool. 

Okay, so you see this little house? Well, you can't really tell it's a house, but it is. It was on the side of the road and I thought it was super awesome! It was falling down, but that made it so much better! The funny part is that there was a satellite on the roof and mom was like, "There's probably someone living in there." Oh my gosh. Not cool, mom. Way to freak me out. Seriously.


  1. Meredith these pictures are so great!! I'm glad you and your mom had fun. I'll have to tell Justin how beautiful his college city is. I love you and your talents!!

  2. awww thanks Becca!!! I love you!! We had a lot of fun. I'm sad I missed out on all that awesome studying but you know, at least we passed!! And yes!! Be sure to tell him. I love Lynchburg. Gosh. Maybe we can go on our picture taking adventure there!!! I wished the whole time I was there that I had someone to take pictures of because it would've been the perfect place. It's gorgeous!!