Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Online Shopping and Photoshoots

I'm a huge fan of online shopping. I mean seriously, I have a debit card and it's the worst thing ever. I try to hide it and only use it when I really need it. Haha. Yesterday, I ordered some scarves and they are so pretty! I'm a little scared because the website didn't seem completely secure but hey, if they end up coming, I'll be a happy little girl. That's beside the point though. What I'm really excited about is a photoshoot! I've been wanting to do a creative photoshoot with my Small Group and the other girls' Small Group for so long! =). There are so many cool and exciting things you could do. I can't decide. I don't have my license yet so I can't drive these girls to the beach or anything but that's okay! We'll make do! The scarves tie into this because I bought about seven different colored scarves and they are so pretty!! I really want everyone to coordinate outfits and wear a scarf! Wouldn't that be fun? So that will be happening in the near future since my dear Young Life leader reminded me about it. =). I can't wait and if the pictures turn out, they'll definitely make it on the blog. =).

If the scarves had come in, I would've taken some pictures of them but I just ordered them yesterday. Anddd I think they might be coming from the United Kingdom. Hahaha! Sketchy?

But here's a couple pictures of my dog just because I love him and I miss him. I haven't seen him all day! I think I'll go find him now! =D.

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