Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Pictures

I don't have much of a themed story to tell today, but I do have some stories! I took some pictures over the past few days, and I want to share them! =).

My favorite two are the one of the rose and the one of my scarf. The one of the rose is special because I randomly brought my camera on the way to Small Group and just happened to get a great picture of this beautiful rose, that I never would've expected to be there. Obviously, I wasn't in my own car; I was riding with my leader. But, I brought it because I thought maybe we were going to do a Small Group photoshoot. We ended up not doing one, but I'm so glad I had my camera anyway!

The neat part is that the rose wilted a little but
I think it looks just as beautiful that way as a freshly bloomed rose would! It reminded me of how we, as humans, bloom and grow, and how sometimes we are wilted. I believe that in those times when we are wilted, we grow the most. Maybe that doesn't really connect to the rose that much since it's not growing while it's wilted but it still struck me when I looked at it. Just keep in mind that it's not always a bad thing when your life is full of struggles. I've been through quite a few, and I know I've grown from it.

Also, the scarf doesn't have a long story like the rose, but I still love it because that scarf is my mom's from when she was young!! I wanted some scarves the other day and mom told me she might have some. And she did! We found about seven and they are so beautiful!! This one is silk and the colors are so fabulous!! I love it!

Here are the pictures I've taken over the past few days! The top two are the rose and the scarf. Enjoy!

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