Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Nature and the Photography Business

Well, these nature pictures are probably getting a bit old but when you don't have a person to take pictures of, nature and other things around the house are all you have to practice on!! So here I am with another post of nature and other random things outside.

Also, this is really random but I have been practicing shooting on "M" on my camera lately. It stands for "manual" and it's just what most professional photographers shoot on. You change your shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and whatnot. I usually shoot on "P" or "Av" because I'm still learning about my camera but I absolutely don't plan to shoot on "P" if I ever decide to start my own business in photography. Haha.

I read a lot of photography blogs and I read one lately that was upsetting and sort of encouraging at the same time. This person has been in the business for a few years now and is very good! I really appreciate her and her work, but her blog was about new photographers. She just talked about how anyone can get a camera and shoot on "P" and take pictures of people but how it's really unfair to the true, talented photographers. It sort of put a downer on my day because I feel like that's me. Even though I'm not exactly charging people for sessions or anything, everyone has to start somewhere and it's not easy.

I've wanted to start my own photography business for a while now but I am so new! I'm always asking questions and I mean, maybe it's not even what's planned for my life. It's just what I hope to do for now. And although there are some people out there just charging people for their pictures that don't know anything about photography, I don't think everyone is like that. And that blog came across a little harsh. So I don't know if anyone that reads this is interested in photography but I have a different message. Don't do it if you don't completely want to, but if you do want to and are excited to learn more, don't give up!!

And after the forty minute novel, we get back to my post. Hahaaaa. Here are the pictures I took yesterday. These weren't taken in manual mode but I was playing with the aperture again on "Av." =).

Yes, that is the moon. =).


  1. You have such a great eye for it!!! Don't give up - you're right, we all have to start somewhere. I think what that photographer was saying is that there are people who charge for their services without knowing much about photography and then call themselves photographers. There is a huge difference between people who have raw talent and people who are trying to make money from something they're not knowledgeable about. (did that make any sense?) =) ANYWAY, my point being, you definitely have the talent so don't let that post bring you down, let it inspire you to continue growing! =)

  2. Awwww thank you soooo much!!!! That means the world to me! =)

    Seriously, thank you!!! I tried to not let it bring me down and take the positive from it and learn from it. Something just hurt me, since I'm really new at this. But I really appreciate you saying that. =D I don't think that blog was meant to come across mean. I just took it the wrong way I guess. But that's okay!!! I know God has something planned for me, whether it's photography or not!! =)

  3. exactly!!! that's a great attitude to have! and i think in some respect, we are all still new at photography... i still have sooo much to learn and i think the minute anyone stops learning they stop becoming a good photographer!!! =)