Friday, May 14, 2010

Learning Is a Process

As I took some pictures yesterday, I was thinking about how much you can surprisingly teach yourself about a camera. Yes, you can learn about a point and shoot but I really mean SLRs. Digital cameras can be complicated and so can film! I haven't taken a photography class yet but it's neat to see how you can play around until you understand something. I honestly do not know a ton about my camera and I never ever will know everything, but I love sitting in my room, or outside, and taking a picture of the same thing over and over, but trying out different settings. It's really cool! You get to see how the aperture and shutter speed work together and whatnot. If anyone reads this blog that is interested in photography, don't give up! It's a process of learning and it never ends!! I can definitely say that from listening to tips from my brother, reading online, and just playing around with my camera, I have learned a ton! And I can't wait to take a photography class and learn more!

I hope you enjoy these few pictures I took yesterday right before it got dark. =).

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