Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Exciting Things

I have so much to be excited about!!! Number one, I have a job!!! Not the job I think I talked about earlier in my blog but basically the same job I had last summer! =). I lifeguarded at McKee last summer and I'm doing that again except I'm lifeguarding at the Waynesboro Country Club as well. Don't ask me why they put me at two pools but the more money the better! Or the more hours the better. Haha. Either way.

Also, I'm getting a new lens this summer! Ahhhhh. For someone that loves to take pictures, this is like Christmas all over again. I do have to wait until the summer because I'm poor right now but when I get my first paycheck, I'll be buying the Canon 50mm 1.4. =). I hope it's a great lens!

And school is coming to a close!! I do have a month left but summer's going to be here before I know it!! And I can't wait!!! Oh my gooooodness!

The next exciting thing is that I am probably getting my room redone! I have had my room basically the same for so long!! It's boring old light purple right now! But, when I redo it, one wall is going to be turquoise and the others are going to be lime green! I've never had the chance to decorate my own room, so I'm beyond excited!

But here are some pictures I've taken recently. =D.

The shoes in the next two pictures are called TOMS. They are so awesome! Everything about them!! If you buy a pair, TOMS will donate part of the money to pay for a pair of shoes for a kid that doesn't have any. I think everyone should have a pair, so check their website out!

And my older brother actually took this one. =).


  1. Darling Meredith..
    1. I am as obsessed with reading blogs as you are with taking pictures! haha! So I have loved following yours! (and the photography really is spectacular! It is fun watching you intentionally learn about your camera and surroundings as you take pictures)
    2. When I read the part about you re-doing your room I may have squealed! haha! I am in town doing nothing for the next month and would LOVE to help if you're at all interested! I'd love to help design, shop, choose, paint, rearrange.. whatever you want! hahah (now I know your mom is actually the pro, but if you need an extra set of hands I'm willing!)
    3. Small group photo shoot soon?? Wanna set up a date?
    4. I love you! (an incredible amount!)

  2. oh! and one last thing... we need to talk about the fact that I got to hear Blake from TOMS speak last week!! He was dreamy and wonderful and inspiring... so inspiring that I would LOVE your help in choosing a pair of TOMS to be my very own!! I thought of you the whole time he was speaking!! :)

  3. Bethanyyyyy!!!!! Your comments on this made me smile!! I love you so much! I'm really glad we share the blog thing in common. Hahaha!! I follow Steph's blog. Haha. Steph. =). So....

    2. I would love for you to help me! Love love love it!! I actually don't know when we are redoing it. It might be in a month or two but if you are around, I will absolutely let you know! I'm glad you offered. =).

    3. Yes!!! I want to so bad! It would be super fun if we could coordinate outfits. I have an exciting idea for that! I know it's summerish time but I ordered tons of different colors of scarves and we could either all wear black with a different color scarf or we could mismatch solid color shirts with different colored scarves! =). And I think we should take them in a cool place. Haha. Like downtown Waynesboro, there are some cool buildings. =). I don't know if you're up for all that but those are just some ideas.

    4. I love you more than an incredible amount!

    And also, I need to hear about this man!! Haha. =). You are so luckyyyy!! Whenever you are ready to buy a pair, let me know! I will definitely help you out! =).