Friday, May 7, 2010

Decorating My Life

Okay, so I should definitely be sleeping right now. I always manage to stay up late doing this! Haha! But I just love it so much!

Anyway, I was kind of bored today so I decided to take some pictures of our kitchen chairs. Hahaha!! That sounds kind of boring right? Well, we just recovered them and the fabric is full of shades of my favorite colors: turquoise and lime green!! =). So, I hope you think they're interesting.

Also, I just enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my life with you so I have a picture of my painted fingernails! Haha. I think they look so cool! A friend of mine painted them in class today. Hahaa. Yes, in class. Don't worry, I finished all my work and our teacher didn't mind. =). But I just thought they looked really neat, and trust me, they'll never be done this well ever again.

P.S. Keep checking the blog because I get the honor to take pictures of one or two of my great friends for our school's prom tomorrow!! And there will definitely be a post about it! =D.

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